2020 Shenandoah University Research at Ride-On Ranch

Effects of Hippotherapy on Performance and Satisfaction in School - Based Activities in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder 

Occupational therapy students at Shenandoah University are looking for volunteers to research the effect of Hippotherapy on the performance and satisfaction in school based activities in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. 
Candidate Qualifications: 
  • Ages 5-12 
  • Autism Spectrum Diagnosis 
  • Able to communicate and walk 
  • No hippotherapy experience within the past 3 years 
  • Same parent or caregiver present for brief interview at first and last session 
  • Must be available for all the dates listed below 

The study will take place at Ride-On-Ranch 38416 Morrisonville Rd, Lovettsville, VA 20180 between 2-5 p.m 

Sunday March 15 
 Sunday March 22 
 Sunday April 5 
 Sunday April 19 
 Sunday April 26 

 If you have any questions, please contact: mrosenw18@su.edu

 Sign Up Here

What is hippotherapy?

Hippotherapy is the medical application of equine movement to reach functional goals. The use of the movement of the horse makes hippotherapy unique to other equine-assisted therapies as the movement is multi-dimensional, variable, rhythmic and repetitive. It is purely the horses movement that influences the patient who in turn passively responds to and interacts with this movement
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